Sunday, June 6, 2010

Watertowers: Round III

Photo 327 - 329: I'll be off in a few minutes to grab some shots of the Brooklyn Waterworks since I procrastinated yesterday, but I found some more watertower pictures that I didn't post either. Is this becoming habit? Hm... I have a few weeks left with Project365, and I definitely don't want to slack off now. It's easy to do that though since I'm sooooo close. I realize I won't achieve my total 365 photos, but I'm pretty darn close. *glow* I blame the incessant winter in NYC... AND I missed two huge snow storms where I could have dug myself out and conquered Central Park and Prospect Park for some great shots. Oh well, excuses aren't gonna cut it. Let's see what the next few weeks bring. :)

FYI If anyone has some good suggestions about discounted (less than $20) photo books, let me know. I'm trying to get a coffeebook going with some of these images (about 200 images) to jumpstart my fundraising project. It's a long story, and I'll get into more detail later, but I want to sponsor a young student in Cambodia for a year. I was so inspired by Half the Sky that I thought, hey, why not? I'm almost done with Project365, so why not put these images to good use... If you haven't read the book, please pick it up. It was amazing, haunting, life-changing and so inspiring that I couldn't put it down - I laughed and cried on a subway every day until I finished it. lol

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