Monday, June 7, 2010

A Watershed on LI

Photo 330 - 331: After getting a tornado warning, climbing a fence, fighting off bugs and spiders and then chit chatting with a very nice police officer about trespassing (kidding lol), I made it back home with these photos of the old and abandoned Brooklyn Waterworks. I loved this site... the weather was perfect, blue skies spotted with clouds, and a little spray paint to give this burnt out landmark a little color. Needless to say I was in photographer heaven. I'd love to do a cool portrait session out here, but when I mentioned that to one of my coworkers, she thought I was insane. lol I just KNOW that the right person with the right dress would equal amazing pictures. I'll be posting all week about the great shots I found at this site each with its own angle and edge.

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