Monday, May 31, 2010

A Beach With a View

Photo 322: Happy Memorial Day! I would post some holiday-ish/theme-related pictures if I could, but I left my laptop at home in NYC, and I'm still in FL enjoying a sunny weekend with my honey. Fortunately, I stole his computer to at least keep up on my posting.

I call this Beach With a View - the lonesome cloud framed by a sandy archway. hahaha Can ya tell I'm falling short on title creativity? I swear I didn't photochop this cloud into the picture, altered it in any way or cleaned up the shot. All I did was crop a bit more, and sharpened the photo a tad. The colors were shot as is... and what a "cute" moment this was. lol Brandon just rolled his eyes at me and kept on walking down the boardwalk. I still think it's cute. Sue me, I'm a girl... :P

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