Friday, April 2, 2010

Watertower I and II

Photo 259-260: I recently discovered an amazing photographer, Gary Heller, who inspires so much creativity in me, and who's work is exceptional. It doesn't hurt that he's a New Yorker and loves to roam around anywhere that is interesting, dark and "different." I've climbed fences, balanced on garbage cans, "let myself into" abandoned buildings, escaped a German shepard bent on destruction and fought poison ivy to get a perfect shot, so I only admire that drive and dedication. A little adrenaline goes a long way. lol

But back to something more sane. He did a series of photographs of New York watertowers, which are fantastic, and have even been featured in "V," so I decided as I was roaming around Union Square, that I was going to do the same thing. I had been looking up to see how many watertowers I could find - there couldn't be that many, right? - and I saw ten, all over a two block radius. I hate to copy anyone's work, and I've been struggling with doing this for that reason, but I caved in, because it's such a great idea and concept. Here is the first part of a three part series of NYC watertowers - with all the props/kudos going to one of my favorite photographers.

Note: Lesson learned, ALWAYS look up, you never know what's in the sky...

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