Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Photo 266 - 270: I am back home from the Land of the Pharaohs, and what an amazing, crazy, revealing, romantic and exhausting adventure it was. Cairo was dirty, loud and dusty, but the history, warm nights, and lively energy swept you away along with the calls to prayer that echoed throughout the city. I have to admit, Cairo was my least favorite of all the places we went with our tour group (CONTIKI I miss you...), but it's still Cairo where you can see a donkey cart rolling down the street alongside a BMW. Where a goat and a chicken share a rooftop with the silver moon hanging over a mosque, and peddlers sell you jewelry, hookahs and spices in the bazaars. It's a city of contradictions with a forward thinking generation held back by more and more conservative ideologies, but where the history of the ancient past is still ingrained in every tradition and custom.

Our first "full" day was spent roaming around the Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids, the Sphinx and we took a camel ride through the desert which was awesome. To see all of the wonders and monuments up close and personal is mind-blowing. And this blond history geek was in heaven! I felt so fortunate to be there, and had to close my mouth throughout the day, because it kept hanging open. lol Here are a few pictures from this week... And no, camels don't spit unless provoked. ;) Egypt is definitely a trip that is a must on anyone's list. Just make sure you have a lot of bakshees on hand or just learn how to say, "La, shokran."

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