Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Florida Ain't So Bad ...

Photo 215 - 219: I've been on the road for work for the last week, acting as field director at spring training camps for a video interview shoot with some pretty cool baseball players. I roamed around baseball fields in Arizona and Florida with all-day, entire field access, and gave Pedro a workout all the while soaking up the sun. I had to deal with F-16s doing a training run over my interview site, got hit by a baseball! and told numerous maintenance guys to stop mowing/blowing/and sweeping the facility because of noise distractions. My crew was amazing, absolutely hilarious and dealt with every pitfall, delay and "wind annoyance" with ease and banter. We all "nibbled like deer" on our power bars, and wolfed down burgers and fries at night like grizzlies. lol Inside joke, but funny story for a later day!

After three days, I was prepped and ready to go back home, but I was informed by my airline and a few of my family members and friends, that Florida and Arizona are a thousand times better than the "storm of the Century" the East Coast was experiencing. This time the storm did NOT miss New York, but hit it dead on... and I couldn't get back, so I got rerouted to sunshine, beautiful water and an unexpected twist of events that promises to be one amazing/beautiful/crazy adventure. <3 So, here are a few pictures of my idea of perfection. :) Along with a pelican that wanted to make me his friend, and a sunset that I won't ever forget.

P.S. Baseball pics, Chinese New Year Parade and NYC pics to follow. I haven't even attempted to photochop anything yet.


  1. what do you do for work? It sounds very interesting!!! Love the fist shot :)

  2. I do pr and marketing for my organization, but I also just happen to be the impromptu field director of any video shoots we do, because of my journalism background. So yeah, this trip was a perk!