Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some More Street Art

Photo 207: Since the sun was shining today, I decided to throw some color on my blog, and post another graffiti picture. Remember my first "official" photo for this blog? It was my first little step on the journey I call Project 365. Maybe it will wind up as a pair that's framed for my my photo exhibition over the summer. More details to come, but it's going to be for a good cause, and lots of exciting things are in the works.

Nothing much else to report, I'm off to Phoenix for work in a week, and then on to Tampa and New Orleans in the two weeks following, so my life should be a bit more busy than the last month or so. I'm scouting photo locations of course, and since I'm managing a MLB Players interview shoot, I might add a few Yankee spring training pictures, if they let me take Pedro into the facility. Can anyone say ... JETER?!?! lol I know one of my friends who absolutely adores him, and she's offered to hold his towel for the three days that I'm down there with the video crew. hahahha My favorite Yankee is no longer a Yankee, so I have no eye candy at all. Then again, so pumped about these interviews! What a great project to manage. And being surrounded by baseball players all week isn't a bad way to spend some time in the sun either. lol

1 comment:

  1. Im liking the tight crop of this. It makes it all about the color and form rather than the word itself.
    An exhibition???....oooh..sounds exciting! Looking forward to hearing more details.