Saturday, February 6, 2010

East Coast = SNOW!

Photo 196 - 197: We've been hit by a snowstorm, but it's nothing compared to what DC and Baltimore have to deal with. I looked at pictures this morning, and they really got snowed in. It's crazy how much snow they have to deal with. We got a few inches, but also have to deal with the arctic wind that is causing frostbite all over the place. It's FREEZING outside. The gray and cloudy skies aren't helping either. I dug out my car though, and managed to grab some shots along the street and highway. I'm all stocked up on groceries, and now bumming around on the couch. I refuse to go outside today... it's just too crappy.

As a sidenote, anyone a fan of this new blog editor? I changed back to the old one, because, quite frankly, the new one seems to be very outdated, and has less features i.e. multiple uploads, color schemes, picture sizes, etc.

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  1. Stay warm and cozy inside. I agree with you, I use the old blogger editor too.

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