Thursday, October 15, 2009

Patterns II

Photo 116-118: So it's been a very dry month for photography. I have no excuse besides my busy schedule, my lack of enthusiasm, and just absolute rebellion at the season turning into fall. I am off to San Diego today, Pedro is coming with me, so I'll have lots of new pictures. I did manage to capture two "patterns" over the last few weeks, which are below. I know, I keep breaking promises lately, but next week, when life returns back to relative calmness and normalcy, my Wall Street pictures will be shot and posted, and I'll haunt the Liberty State Park or Brooklyn Promenade. They've been on my list all summer, and nada... I'm disappointed in myself actually. Ok, enough of a confession, here's my pictures for today, and I will be back soon from SUNNY SAN DIEGO!

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