Friday, September 11, 2009


Photo 77 - 83: I know, I know, I've been absent for some time now, i.e. a week, but it's been a tad crazy with trips, life and the occassional wrench thrown in. But today, of all days, I wanted to share some images of NYC and remember what happened eight years ago. At the time I wasn't a New Yorker yet, I was in Missouri, finishing my last year of journalism school, but I will never forget where I was that day and how my heart went out to the millions of people affected by the horrible events of that day - in NY, DC and PA.

I look back over the last eight years - five of which I have spent in NYC - and I know for certain that we as New Yorkers are resilient, strong, argumentative, caring, diverse, helpful, colorful, stressful, amazing at navigating traffic while holding three cups of coffee, stubborn, easy to laugh, easy to defend, easy to give, faithful, boastful, funny and absolutely magnificent.

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