Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some Sand, and Good 'Ole Memories of Days Gone By

Photo 6: It's beach time, baby. Part of the reason I love "my" area of Brooklyn so much is its close proximity to the beach. Granted, it's not Miami, Buzios or Phuket, BUT it's some sand, some bluish water, and lots of sunshine. In my opinion you can't beat that. I still remember the first time I sat on a NY beach (about five years ago), in complete awe that not only had I just moved to NYC and lived to tell about it personally and professionally, but the beach bum in me actually got to sit her tushy on some sand, and I was STILL in NY. As a bonified New Yorker, I now giggle at that girl and how it never crossed my mind that there might be a beach around here somewhere since it's by the water. lol At the time, all I knew of New York was skyscrapers, taxi cabs, rushing around for EVERYTHING, and the endless noise... which in combination nearly scared me back to Missouri. Oh yeah, and some pretty amazing sushi that went beyond California rolls. Aaahhh... the memories.

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